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Finlandia wave Information

Wave placement is used to assign starting positions in ski races to ease congestion and avoid injuries at the start of a race by allowing skiers to begin with others of similar abilities.  Wave placement in Finlandia races is determined by a skier’s average minute per kilometer time.  If a skier has completed the Minnesota Finlandia, Bemidjithon, Pursuit or Buena Vista Classic in the past two years, that time will be used for wave placement.  Race times from other American Ski Marathon Series races can also be used for wave placement.  The following waves and start times will be followed in the 2023 Finlandia: 

Buena Vista Classic 25km and 25km Pursuit 10:00 a.m.

Finlandia 50 km 10:10 a.m.

Bemidjithon 25km 10:12 a.m.

1st National Bank/ Northwoods 10km Tour 10:14 a.m.

 Feed and Waxing Stations

Feed stations are located along the course and are staffed by enthusiastic volunteers from various Bemidji area organizations and groups.  Gatorade from Nei Bottling Co. of Bemidji, HEED energy drink and water will be available at each station for fluid replacement.  Bananas, oranges, donuts, raisins and candy will also be available at each feed station.  Skiers are asked to be respectful to and thank the feed station volunteers; for without the help and commitment from the many volunteers the event would not be possible.

Waxes, corks and scrapers will be available for skiers who need to adjust their ski wax during the race.  Replacement ski poles will also be available at each feed station. Skiers are welcome to borrow a replacement pole if theirs breaks during the race.  All borrowed poles must be returned to the race officials upon completion of the race.

Timing, Calculations and Protests

Pickle Timing will handle results calculations for the 2023 Minnesota Finlandia Ski Marathon.  Results for each race will include name, city, state, completion time, overall and age class results.  Unofficial results will be posted  Saturday afternoon as they become available.  All protests must be made in writing and submitted to the race officials before 3:35 p.m.; protest forms will be used to determine the outcome of any protests. 

Classical and Freestyle policies

The Minnesota Finlandia and Bemidjithon freestyle events and the Buena Vista Classical event are scored as separate races; therefore, the awards that are presented hold equal value in each race.  Buena Vista Classic skiers will be monitored throughout the course by race officials and controllers to insure that classical skiers adhere to utilizing the classical technique in the race.  Classical skiers may not use the freestyle technique at any point along the course.  To accommodate both classical and freestyle skiers, a classical track will be set in the right side of the trail with the remaining area groomed for skaters.  Skiers should respect each ski technique style, and refrain from damaging the classical track.  No skating is allowed for the first 100 meters of the race. 

 Controllers and Medical Personnel

At various points on the racecourse control personnel wearing yellow bibs will be stationed to direct traffic and record race bib numbers.  Race bib numbers are recorded to insure that skiers have followed all the required sections of the racecourse.  

Medical personnel will be at each feed station as well as other points along the racecourse.  First responders will be wearing blue bibs with a red cross mark on them.  The chapel building near the main gate to the Buena Vista logging village will serve as the medical and communications control headquarters for the race.  A medical person will staff it all day on Saturday.  All medical personnel will have radio communication so that any medical situation can be promptly addressed any where on the trail if the need arises.

 Cutoff Times

Cutoff times serve two very important functions in a ski marathon.  First, they serve as a safety level for skiers.  Skiers should be in strong physical condition before skiing a marathon and thus able to ski at a steady pace to complete the event in a reasonable period of time.  Secondly, cut off times serve as an approximate time for volunteers to leave their stations.  Volunteers are very dedicated to making the Finlandia a quality event and commit most of the day to help out, and one extremely slow skier can hold up 50-100 volunteers at the end of a long tiring day.  Controllers will be at each of the cutoff areas to stop skiers who have not met the cutoff times.

2022 Minnesota Finlandia Ski Marathon Cutoff Times:  50km Finlandia skiers – First lap (25km) must be completed by 2:00 p.m. All skiers – No times after 4:00 p.m.

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